CYGNUS 2013 Scientific Program

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9:00-10:00(with coffee)
60 registration
Session Project status

10:00-12:15 chair:Neil Spooner

10A1 Kentaro Miuchi 30 welcome/CYGNUS: where are we
10A2 Dan Snowden-Ifft 35 Minority Carrier Fiducialization in DRIFT
10A3 James Battat 35 Updates from the Dark Matter Time Projection Chamber Group (DMTPC)
10A4 Daniel Santos 35 MIMAC status and perspectives

14:00-15:45 chair: Frederic Mayet

10P1 Kiseki Nakamura 35 NEWAGE
10P2 Sven Vahsen 35 Recent Progress on the Directional Dark Matter Detector (D^3)
10P3 Takayoshi Katsuragawa 35 Status and analysis system of directional dark matter search with nuclear emulsion

coffee 25

Session : Gas detectors, gas properties, BG in the gas

16:10-18:00 chair:Daniel Santos

10P4 Atsuhiko Ochi 30 R & D activities of MPGD in JAPAN
10P5 Frederic Mayet 25 Measurement of the electron drift velocity in CF4 and CHF3 gas mixtures for upcoming directional Dark Matter detectors
10P6 Dinesh Loomba 30 R&D with Implications for a Directional Low Mass Dark Matter Search
10P7 Keishi Hosokawa 25 Development of a high sensitivity radon detector for purified gases

120 workshop dinner


Session : Ideas, R&Ds for future

9:00-10:20 chair: Tatsuhiro Naka

11A1 Neil Spooner 25 DRIFT-IIe and DRIFT-III
11A2 David Nygren 30 New idea on direction sensitive DM search (skypeA@connection)
11A3 Akira Sugiyama 25 R&D of QPIX


Session : Dark Matter Signals

10:50-12:15 chair: Dinesh Loomba

11A4 Akira Hitachi 25 Energy partition and distribution of excited species in direction-sensitive detectors for WIMP searches
11A5 Keiko Nagao 25 Measuring Dark Matter Distribution in Directional Direct Detection
11A6 Takashi Asada 25 Detector developing for directional dark matter search with nuclear emulsion
workshop photo

14:00-16:15 chair: Dan Snowden-Ifft

11P1 Ken-Ichi Fushimi 25 PICO-LON dark matter search
11P2 Hiroyoshi Uchida 25 Status of XMASS experiment
11P3 Neil Spooner 25 DM-ICE
11P4 Masashi Tanaka 25 Status of R&D on double phase Argon detector: the ANKOK project
11P5 Daisuke Motoki 25 KamLAND-Zen Experiment for Neutrino less Double Beta Decay Search

coffee 30

Session : Discussion

16:45-18:15 chair : Sven Vasen

11P6 Frederic Mayet 25 A review on the discovery reach of directional detection
11P7 Dinesh Loomba 25 An Update on DRIFT Backgrounds
11P8 Naka/Battat 15 proceedings, paper
11P9 Mayet/Battat 50 Discussion1: paper, collaboration, and futrue


9:00-10:45 (with coffee) chair : James Battat

12A1 Hiroyuki Sekiya 30 Kamioka tour instruction/underground activities
12A2 Spooner/Miuchi 55 Discussion 2
12A3 Neil Spooner 20 workshop summary


Kamioka tour